Week2 lab 4

He showed us how modern-day innovators were printing actual engines, full-sized cars and motorcycles, and even human organs. We have a lot of creativity in the class — just to name a few: Ajie Leave a comment In a corner room of the Business Instructional Facility at the University of Illinois — a group of about 20 students meet weekly to learn how to change the world with 3D printing.

Furthermore, it brings the marginal cost down to nearly zero — John taught us that whether you print 1 jet engine, orbolts for jet engines — the fixed cost of production would stay the same. On the other hand, Thingiverse was much more light-hearted, with models much more accessible to kids of all ages.

Who knows, we Week2 lab 4 all end up with only melted piles of Week2 lab 4 after our first print — either way, we are extremely excited to see what the future holds this semester! Dale discusses a crucial mentality that our class needs to develop — the Maker Mentality.

Overall, the three resources for Week 2 helped lay a solid foundation us to understand what 3D printing is, where it came from, and where it can go. Neil discusses the newest digital revolution that is coming upon us, in fabrication.

As a class, we pored through these sites, finding interesting designs and sharing what we liked, what we disliked, and how we would further innovate with each other.

We are off to a fast start — welcome to BADM Starting next week, we will have a crash-course in online modeling, the Cura software, and have a chance to actually print the team logos we planned this week.

Owning the means of production used to be a privilege reserved for the rich, but now everyone can print from their home with this technology. Though we were only able to video-conference him, we all learned a great deal from this expert. This was easy enough on paper, but we will see what happens when we upload onto an actual printer!

This is a kind of mindset that teaches people — especially students — to few problems not as static, but dynamic. The class spent time on a variety of online design databases: Beyond simply naming our team, we were all tasked with creating a logo to 3D print in the following week.

This model depends on mass production, economies of scale, and low labor costs, which are major barriers for competitors. Many of us had to take a few days to come up with our team names.

Traditional consumers are evolving into prosumers all around us — we are now a part of this revolution. Finally, Professor Sachdev sorted us into our semester project teams. Making Things to be incredibly insightful.

He writes about how communities should not fear or ignore digital fabrication — they can be used to educate, innovate, and breathe life into communities.

Ultimaker to the forefront of the consumer markets. We will have the opportunity to use our minds and our machines to bring something forward from nothing. Aubrey Haskett Readings Reviewed We had three readings that we reviewed this week. Making Things Spring ! We found that each site had a particular theme to it.12月23日東上野.

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Week 2 Laboratory Perform a Qualitative Risk Assessment for an IT Infrastructure Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon completing this lab, students will be able to: Define the purpose and objectives of an IT risk assessment Align identified risks, threats, and. CIS B Week 4 iLab 4 Working With Multimedia CIS New Perspectives on HTML and XHTML 5th Edition Patrick Carey Complete Tutorial 7, Case Problem 1 American Poetry Complete Tutorial 3, Case Problem 1 International Cryptographic Institute.

Homework and lab reports are due within 5 minutes of the beginning of lab on the day specified below. Demo by the end of the lab on the day specified below, or before. Lab.

Physics 252 - Electronics I: Introduction to Analog Circuits.

Lab Report 1. What are the business goals? (10 points) The business goals are to expand the campus to accommodate local population growth. Within the expansion there is a need to accommodate on and off campus classes via online capability as well due to the increase in enrollment.

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Week2 lab 4
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