Uniform underwriting and transmittal summary

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After the 5-year period, the administrator may remove the books and records from uniform underwriting and transmittal summary State, store their contents on microfilm or return uniform underwriting and transmittal summary to the appropriate insurer.

Payment by or on behalf of an insured to an administrator shall be deemed to have been received by the insurer. A financial statement that is certified by an officer of the applicant and must include: If additional exhibits are discovered after the prehearing conference order is issued or after the date final documents and exhibits are exchanged, the party intending to use them shall immediately notify all other parties and furnish copies of the additional exhibits to such parties.

As soon as practicable after reviewing the report, the Commissioner shall: Uniform underwriting and transmittal summary as otherwise provided in this section, if the approved claim is not paid within that period, the administrator shall pay interest on the claim at a rate of interest equal to the prime rate at the largest bank in Nevada, as ascertained by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, on January 1 or July 1, as the case may be, immediately preceding the date on which the payment was due, plus 6 percent.

A party who is not represented by counsel shall sign his individual name and state his address and telephone number on every filing. Documentation and credit history can be used to categorize loans into high-quality A-paperAlt-Aand subprime.

Money must be remitted within 15 days to the person or persons entitled to it, or be deposited within 15 days in one or more fiduciary accounts established and maintained by the administrator in a bank, credit union or other financial institution in this state.

An attorney representing a party shall promptly file a notice of appearance with the Administrator. Added to NRS by The Administrator, or the Hearing Officer, may issue a summary decision if he finds that there is no genuine issue as to any material fact and that the moving party is entitled to prevail as a matter of law.

Each claim paid by the administrator from money collected for or on behalf of an insurer must be paid by a check or draft upon and as authorized by the insurer. Any party shall have the right to appear in person and by counsel, provided, however, that such counsel representing the party must be duly licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.

In the request for rehearing, reopening or reconsideration, the party shall set forth one or more of the following grounds: Unless otherwise specifically provided by the Securities Act or this Subchapter, computation of any time period prescribed by this Subchapter, or by an order of the Administrator or the Hearing Officer, begins with the first day following the act or event that initiates the time period.

The insurer may inspect and examine all books and records to the extent necessary to fulfill all contractual obligations to insured persons, subject to restrictions in the written agreement between the insurer and administrator. The person to whom the notice of opportunity for hearing is addressed shall file with the Administrator a written answer within the time specified in the notice.

Each charge must be set forth separately from the premium. A managing general agent, whether or not located in this state, shall not be or act as such with respect to the business of an insurer in this state unless licensed as such under this Code.

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Low-doc loans carry a higher interest rate and were theoretically available only to borrowers with excellent credit and additional income that may be hard to document e. A statement that describes the business plan of the administrator. Service of the subpoena shall be by personal delivery or by certified mail with a return receipt requested and delivery restricted to the person named in the subpoena.

The Commissioner shall establish schedules for the amount of the bond required, based on the amount of money received and distributed by an administrator. An administrator may advertise the insurance which he or she administers only after the administrator receives the approval of the insurer who underwrites the business involved.

The compensation paid to an administrator for his or her services may be based upon premiums or charges collected, on number of claims paid or processed or on any other basis agreed upon by the administrator and the insurer, except as provided in subsection 2.

Any party aggrieved by a final order may request rehearing, reopening or reconsideration if a written request is made therefor within ten days 10 after entry of the final order. This number did not include the 2. Notice of all hearings shall be served by regular first class mail or by personal delivery within a time reasonable in light of the circumstances, in advance of the hearing, but not less than forty-five 45 days in advance thereof, to all parties.

For licensing as a managing general agent, each general partner and each natural person to act for the firm, or each natural person to act for the corporation, must be named in the license and must qualify as an individual licensee.

Compensation paid to an administrator may not be based upon or contingent upon: The Administrator, or the Hearing Officer, may elect not to hold a hearing if all parties agree to submit the case on the documentary record and waive their right to appear.

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A multiple employer welfare arrangement as defined in 29 U. Conduct of individual proceeding a Order of proceeding. The rules of evidence need not be strictly followed or observed by the Administrator, or the Hearing Officer, during the hearing in order to obtain a full and fair disclosure of facts relevant to the matters at issue.

Whether the regular duties being performed by an administrator are such that the persons to be insured are not likely to be injured by a waiver of requirements.

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The answer shall indicate whether the party requests a hearing and shall specifically admit or deny each allegation of the Department or state that the party does not have, and is unable to obtain, sufficient information to admit or deny each allegation.

The statement must be on a form prescribed or approved by the Commissioner for the purpose of calculating the amount of the bond required by NRS A. Papers filed with the Administrator shall be accompanied by a certificate stating the name of the person or persons served, the date of service, the method of service and the mailing address, facsimile telephone number or electronic mail address to which service was made, if not made in person.

An administrator shall not request a claimant to resubmit information that the claimant has already provided to the administrator, unless the administrator provides a legitimate reason for the request and the purpose of the request is not to delay the payment of the claim, harass the claimant or discourage the filing of claims.

The names and addresses of insured persons and any other material which is in the books and records of an administrator are confidential except as otherwise provided in NRS As used in NRS A.

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Uniform underwriting and transmittal summary
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