The truth about hiv aids

Shocking truth about AIDS exposed on World AIDS Day with

Can herbal medicine cure HIV? The situation is actually worse than that: We should push for more, you know, a combination of measures; antioxidants, nutrition advice, nutritions, fighting other infections -- malaria, tuberculosis, parasitosis, worms -- education of course, genital hygiene for women and men also, very simple measures which [are] not very expensive, but which could do a lot.

Martin Delaney has died Posted 24 January, - I have spent five years in researching as many scientific papers and lay periodicals as possible in order to try to fully understand the enigma of the phenomena called AIDS. Watch for those exclusive clips in the days ahead Epidemiology We are asked to believe that a single virus is the cause of both cell-destructive diseases, i.

No facts, no evidence, no science will even be considered by them unless it "pre-agrees" with their foredrawn conclusions.

The figures indicate that if you are HIV-positive, your chances for survival are up to times better if you live in Zaire rather than in Europe or the United States of America!

To subscribe to this series, click here. In particular, Leung was attacked for his interview with Dr. There is absolutely no distortion, no out-of-context quoting going on here.

Heart disease can be cured. Delaney in founded Project Inform, a leading national HIV treatment and public policy information and advocacy organization based in San Francisco, and served as its Director until Nothing yet cures HIV.

What appeared to be an emerging epidemic amongst homosexuals, occurred as a result of three coincidental phenomena; the advent of the "drug culture" of the sixties, the use of amyl nitrite "poppers" and the visibility of the "gays" as a group when they "came out of the closet".

When the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus says, on camera, that essentially AIDS can be cured with nutrition, he is speaking a disallowed truth that the drug companies and their minions cannot tolerate. In the past 10 years since, individuals in the U.

Although the transfusion which was given in was not demonstrated to have HIV, it was blamed for his death. If people knew that AIDS could be halted -- or even reversed -- with nutrients such as antioxidants, they might not put so much faith in the billions of dollars worth of vaccines being pushed all around the world by not only Big Pharma, but even Bill and Melinda Gates, too who have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the drug companies to inject more children with vaccines.

For example, if the HIV-positive person is on treatment it will reduce the amount of HIV in their body meaning it is unlikely to be passed on.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

In vitro in the laboratory they are infectious because there are no antibodies present. If they admitted that self-acceptance comes with a long and dark journey. Why is it still spreading, at about 30, cases per year among men who have sex with men?

In as little as 20 minutes, the test device will indicate if HIV-1 antibodies are present in the solution by displaying two reddish-purple lines in a small window on the device.In HIV-infected people, all of the above conditions are AIDS-defining opportunistic infections, and in combination they are hauntingly typical of AIDS in the years before ARVs.

Many people who have died of AIDS shared the same constellation of opportunistic infections that killed Ms Maggiore.

10 Common Myths About HIV and AIDS

Since the first case of HIV/AIDS was described inthere have been many widely held but false beliefs (myths) linked to the disease. On World Aids Day we once again have the opportunity to address some of those myths by looking at the facts. Myth 1: “There are no benefits in taking treatment for HIV.

The Truth About, New HIV Test

It will harm me [ ]. Myths about HIV and AIDS. FAST FACTS: There are lots of myths around, but the facts of how you can get HIV are very simple. By knowing the facts about how HIV is actually transmitted, you can save yourself a lot of worry and help to bust myths among others too.

16 Books by Futurist Keynote Speaker / Author - The Truth about AIDS - free books on HIV AIDS Book by Dr Patrick Dixon published by KingswayUpdated Latest HIV / AIDS facts and figures: ACET International Alliance website. A CALL FOR THE TRUTH A White Paper On The Viral-AIDS Hypothesis.

By Robert Willner. The history of medicine contains a plethora of instances in which physicians have acted tragically under "consensus of opinion" rather than relying on substantial scientific evidence.

This brochure informs teens about HIV/AIDS, including how it is transmitted and behaviors that increase the risk of transmission. It contains signs and symptoms, suggestions for getting tested, and how to help a friend who has HIV or AIDS.

It includes a question and answer page and resources.4/4(8).

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The truth about hiv aids
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