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It was one of these employees who originally went to the press and exposed what was going on at the Pilot Plant. Perhaps the best answer to this question is that they did not hold their responsibilities to the public as engineers as high on their list of priorities as other responsibilities they held.

In a way, The aberdeen three essay U. After 5 years, they successfully refined the manufacturing process, only to be shut down by what became known as the Aberdeen Three incident. When an external sulfuric acid tank leaked gallons of acid into a nearby river, state and federal investigators arrived and discovered that the chemical retaining dikes were unfit, and the system designed to contain and treat hazardous chemicals was corroded and leaking chemicals into the ground.

Professionalism/Gepp, Dee, and Lentz, and the leak at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Investigations after the explosion uncovered illegal modifications to equipment. This article discusses safety as a critical ingredient for transport engineers and their managers.

The Washington Post article is the only source that detailed the event and quoted the Aberdeen Three. The purpose of the act was To provide technical and financial assistance for the development of management plans and facilities for the recovery of energy and other resources from discarded materials and for the safe disposal of discarded materials, and to regulate the management of hazardous waste.

They were chemical engineers, they practiced good "engineering sense," and had never had an incident. The rig was evacuated, but the explosion resulted in the largest oil spill in history and the loss of eleven lives.

The Aberdeen Three allowed their Pilot Plant to deviate further from this because prior to the acid spill, there had been no consequences. The FBI intervened to run the investigation. The prosecutor in the case had this to say about the Aberdeen Three: Stone provides a thorough, albeit negative analysis of corporate ethics, and provides recommendations for promoting ethical behavior.

The leaking of sulfuric acid into Canal Creek quickly disproved their claim of being removed from the outside world. Irresponsibility, whether caused by selfishness or by magnificently unselfish loyalty, can have most unfortunate consequences. However, the court determined that civilian employees of the Army could not claim immunity.

The BP official also neglected safety and environmental concerns to expedite drilling.

In return, engineers are obligated to serve the public interest and hold public safety above all else. We must fulfill both ethical and occupational responsibilities, knowing that the consequences of taking shortcuts can be dire.

Lengthy congressional document which outlines the planning and implementation of stricter guidelines for the handling, treatment, storage and disposal of environmentally hazardous materials.

In addition to their responsibilities to society in general, the "Aberdeen Three" also had responsibilities to their subordinates, which they also overlooked. This concept, coined by Diane Vaughan, states that people who become accustomed to deviant behavior will consider it the norm and continue to stray further the norm until something goes wrong.

Defense and Conviction[ edit ] The Aberdeen Three maintained that they had done nothing wrong throughout the trial, arguing that environmental responsibilities were not a part of their job description. Nesteruk argues that as laws change, so do the roles in the corporate hierarchy, thereby creating problems in the legal scholarship of corporate social responsibility.

According to the prosecution, the three engineers involved in the Aberdeen case placed a low priority on this responsibility to society, and instead emphasized the importance of their military mission.

The Army would have paid for the cost of the cleanup. Essential reading for any graduating engineering student.

On June 28,the three chemical engineers, Carl Gepp, William Dee, and Robert Lentz, now known as the "Aberdeen Three," were criminally indicted for storing, treating, and disposing of hazardous wastes in violation of RCRA at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland after about two years of investigation.

InCongress approved the development of binary nerve gas weapons at the proving ground. Periodic inspections between and revealed serious problems at the facility, known as the Pilot Plant, where these engineers worked. In addition to establishing the EPA Office of Solid Waste, requiring state planning and a ban on open dumping of solid hazardous wastes, RCRA also implemented criminal fines for violations of the open dumping or hazardous waste disposal guidelines.

They kept insisting that the whole case was blown out of proportion, and that they had done nothing wrong. As engineers test designs for ever-increasing speeds, loads, capacities and the like, they must always be aware of their obligation to society to protect the public welfare.Whether this is your first time hearing about this incident, or you are a little bit of a history buff, the case of The Aberdeen Three has caused much debate over codes of ethics in the work place.

The Aberdeen Three Improper Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste Summary of Case Study In a military base located in Aberdeen, Maryland was found to be storing and disposing hazardous chemicals in a manner unfit to the regulations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

The Aberdeen Three Essay weapons were developed on these grounds, and the U.S. Army used the Aberdeen Proving Ground to develop, test, store, and dispose of chemical weapons. Three chemical engineers named Carl Gepp, William Dee, and Robert Lentz, who were high-level, senior management levels at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, would eventually.

Aberdeen Three Case Study Essays The Aberdeen Three Improper Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste Summary of Case Study In a military base located in Aberdeen, Maryland was found to be storing and disposing hazardous chemicals in a manner unfit to the regulations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA.

Free Essay: In October 20,the U.S. Army’s oldest active proving ground was established located in Aberdeen, Maryland. Chemical weapons were developed. THE ABERDEEN MESS. By Michael Weisskopf so the U.S. attorney's office decided to seek indictments against the individual employees at Aberdeen.

The three engineers are the first federal.

The aberdeen three essay
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