State of the business presentations

There are no short cuts. They must demonstrate, not simply assert. Call To Action or Next Steps: By immersing your audience in a story, you bypass that resistance.

It is your recommendation.

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You want to identify these next steps early in the process of developing your presentation so that you can be sure to design a presentation that drives your audience to the action you desire.

Your audience does this because they suspect what you are saying is important. They are the currency of human contact. We find it easier and more efficient to process stories. Look-up individual values Compare individual state of the business presentations but not entire series of values Present precise values, and Present both summary and detail values Graphs Graphs, on the other hand, present the overall shape of the data.

They will test your assertions. Some restaurants south of us could have music. You will be surprised at how many groups of ideas you will create which will fail this test — and result in you thinking about additional, great points and ideas that make you argument even more powerful.

The objective of the introduction is to establish the groundwork to plant this question, so that the rest of our presentation can focus on answering it. Because I said so…? Sometimes, it is obvious that this is our goal.

Your favorite sports team? As a rule of thumb: Edward Tufte makes a great case for what he calls informational depth. What you want the audience to do We need to do this next The call to action is the list of next steps that you want your audience to do.

Two independent witnesses claimed John committed the murder. There are four uses of data for which a table is a good option: You need next steps. It is for situations like this that you need data, facts and proof. The goal is not to squeeze in all the analysis you have done.

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How hard you worked. Tables and Graphs They are fundamentally different. No one cares what you did. This helps to ground the presentation and establish a common starting point. The effort required to do this is also a key reason why so many poor presentations lack a fact-based approach to persuasion.

The Question arises logically from the Complication and leads into the Answer.


Executives are not dumb. Graphs and tables excel at different things and depending on your purpose, one will be a better choice than another. Graphs are used to display relationships among and between sets of quantitative values by giving them shape.

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Our topic may feel mundane — lacking the grand themes that great stories seem to require. It contains many traps which can lead unsuspecting authors astray. And if they act on what you are saying, and it turns out you were wrong… well this would reflect negatively on them.

If you are presenting, know what you have to say.

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We are wired for communicating through and learning from stories. Before the written word, people would memorize stories that shaped cultures for generations. All presentations are, at their heart, a story.

So, in a way, receiving the third-degree in a presentation can be a good sign. Via storytelling techniques we can elevate our presentations to something that moves people. The appropriate balance you need to strike between story and reporting will be entirely driven by the context of your own presentation.

When you have data that you would like to present, resist the urge to throw it into the sexiest 3D pie chart you can create.Information for starting, relocating, running and closing a business in Utah.


Register your business online - WV Vendors: Make the Switch to Electronic Payments! State Auditor John B. McCuskey is encouraging all vendors doing business with the State of West Virginia to receive payment through the state’s Electronic Funds Transfer payment system or accept the State Purchasing Card.

The ultimate resource for learning how to create and deliver better business presentations. From presentation tools, to style guidelines and formatting tips, all the way to sophisticated approaches to structuring your logic, you’ll learn how to execute every effective presentation writing.

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State of the business presentations
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