Sba personal financial statement excel

For cars, you can use the Kelley Blue Book for a quick estimate of the present value. The net income used by the Debt Service Ratio is your gross income minus these deductions. The "Financing Activities" category of outflows is used to determine your total debt payments.

Try to give an accurate and realistic estimate that does not inflate the value of your belongings.

SBA Form 413: Everything You Need to Know to Fill It Out

You can also use this section to detail the value of your ownership stake in your small business. Make sure to include the value of any retirement accounts from previous jobs that you may have forgotten to roll over into your current retirement accounts.

Get the sba personal financial statement 2014-2018 form

Real Estate Owned This section is for a detailed description of all the property you own in your name. If you have multiple loans or credit cards from the same bank, list the last four numbers of the account number so that it can be matched with a credit report.

We recommend that you get a credit report to make sure that you do not miss anything — you are entitled to one free copy of your credit report every year from each of the three main consumer credit bureaus. The rule is less clear if taxes are owed on the state or local levels.

This can include child support, a pension, or other income. Business Name and Applicant Name: Make sure that the form is current and has not expired.

List all your Inflows Inflows include all sources of income wages, dividends, etc. Use the date on your mortgage bill of sale. Indicate the total value of all securities owned by you, your spouse, and jointly. List any debts associated with legal judgments and claims. Put the total amount that you currently owe.

You can list them there if you want to. Multiply the market value by the number of shares you own. This is to enable quicker communication in case the SBA or the lender has questions about your application. This section includes the present value of all of the cars, boats, and recreational vehicles you own not the amount you paid for it.

This ratio uses info from both the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. Provide the total amount in your savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs. This is your annual net income from rental properties after expenses.

You can arrive at your net worth by calculating your total assets minus your total liabilities.

Personal Financial Statement Template

A lender needs to evaluate the risk of lending money to you. How many months can you live on your liquid assets without any income? Personal Balance Sheet - for listing assets and liabilities and calculating net worth.

A cash flow statement helps you create your budget. Cash Flow and Budgets at utah. List all your Assets An asset is something that you own that has exchange value. For your business phone, provide a direct business line, not a secretary or general business number.

For other loans, put the initial loan amount. This section is for products and services purchased on credit or on a regular payment basis. Name and Address of Noteholders: The amount you still owe on the mortgage is a Liability.

This does not make your spouse a guarantor, but indicates that you own assets and liabilities together. Why is a PFS used in applying for loans? Owning money from one of these authorities may not prohibit you from borrowing through the SBA program.

If you made an agreement with someone without any documentation, that could cause you a significant amount of money, then you should list it here. List all the life insurance policies you have, including term, whole life, and variable life insurance.

This is not a commonly used section, but if you have lent any money, include that here. If you have used any of the items as collateral for loans or have liens against them, make sure to list the name and address of the lien holder, the amount of the lien, and payment terms e.

This section includes any income from dividends and interest earned on stocks and bonds.Fill sba personal financial statement form sba instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or. Business Plan Template U.S.

Small Business Administration Small Business Training Network Five Important Tips Before You Start! PFS for CONFIDENTIAL Page 1 of 3 PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT Bank: You may apply for an extension of credit individually or jointly with another applicant.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. CONVENTIONAL / SBA LOAN APPLICATION Business Street Address Telephone PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT U.S.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION As of, Name Business Phone Residence Address Residence Phone STATEMENT OF PERSONAL HISTORY OMB APPROVAL NO Expiration Date. The SBA Form Personal Financial Statement is three pages long. The first page provides an overview of your assets and liabilities, and subsequent pages ask for further detail on the numbers you provided on this first page.

Sba personal financial statement excel
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