Reflective paper on utilitarianism

This exerts a far-reaching significance on all the business within both of these two countries. Cultural Relativism Cultural relativism Reflective paper on utilitarianism the principle that ethical behavior must invariably be interpreted in cultural context.

China born and China bred, what the tradition and customs of our country encourages and what it inhibits is generally accepted by me. The package was sent back to Amazon as a result. I was really confused and realized that I was facing an ethical dilemma.

One of the strength of moral rights is that it makes it accessible to protecting fundamental rights, unless some great right takes precedence. Strength of theory of justice is that it can motivate and urge people to help those in need.

This will influence the creation of my ethical standards and my personal decisions. Ethics Reflection Paper Abstract In this ethics reflection paper, I concentrate on four important issues: Ethical Models Ethics, a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality, have invariably played an important part in our lives, especially when we are going to make a decision.

Taking more corporate social responsibility such as investing to help construct the public facilities will help company gain the profits in the future as a payback. The whole society has offered the company many resources to generate profits, based on the social contract; the company has duty to pay back to the society.

If I do it, will I feel bad? As a utilitarian, I abandoned myself to a critical thinking before I made the decision. Chinese businessmen are used to working together and coming up with an idea together.

Weighing the satisfactions and dissatisfactions of me and Amazon. How shameful it is! This difference influences values and ethics of people in these two countries.

Differences between Chinese and American values and Reflective paper on utilitarianism China and America are totally different countries. This theory treats people impartially and fairly based on legal rules. This is the major reason why Chinese workers feel uncomfortable when they start to work Reflective paper on utilitarianism America in such an unfamiliar culture.

However, one criticism of theory of justice indicates that it treats equality as an absolute, disregarding the costs producing equality. Another reason is that taking more corporate social responsibility can enjoy less government regulation.

Corporate social responsibility makes it accessible for the company to taking responsibilities for the actions of the company and encouraging a positive impact by its actions on managers, employees, communities, stakeholders, environment, government, and even the whole society.

Among these ethical models, personally, I favor utilitarianism a lot. Personally, one of the difference on values and ethics is that individual owns different opinions about his or her personal role and value in the social life in China and America.

Moral Rights The theory of moral rights focuses on the respect and production of each individual member of society and his or her fundamental rights. To the opposite, an American tends to prefer individual initiative, self-assertion, and personal achievement resulted from a low-context culture.

Most of Chinese have regarded the doctrine of the mean as their normative guidelines. This reminds people who work in business organizations, especially the production company, of that they should focus on the qualities of their products and strictly follow their corporate ethics.

As a utilitarian, I can make good decisions which will benefit both me and the whole society, forming a win-win situation. I am willing to sacrifice something for the privilege of benefiting both me and the whole society.

However, Americans enjoy the law of the jungle which encourages people compete with each other. However, when the package was sent to my house, considering the situation that the package looks damaged, I refused to accept it. In the next part, I describe one of the dilemmas that I have ever met and how utilitarianism helped me make a good decision.

Another similarity is that both of these two countries emphasize the importance of integrity. However, in my opinion, it is very essential for the company to take more corporate social responsibility. The most important reason is that taking corporate social responsibility is a way to perform the social contract.

Could my decision at last benefit the society? The most important reason is that utilitarianism cares about the consequences brought by the actions on everyone in the society. This really surprised me a lot. A utilitarian is willing to sacrifice his or her personal profits for the privilege of the whole society.

When I am to make a decision, I will never only depend on intuition. It is very beneficial of a company to take corporate social responsibility. Could I tell my parents about my final decision?We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Paper on Gay Marriage specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now Utilitarianism is a natural way to see if an act is the right thing to do (or wrong thing to do) is to look at its results or consequences. Theories allow us the opportunity to identify the problem and then find. Feb 24,  · Ethics Reflection PaperAbstract In this ethics reflection paper, I concentrate on four important issues: ethical models, personal ethics and values, ethical dilemma, and corporate social responsibility.

First of all, among the four major ethical models, utilitarianism favors me a lot and it helps me a lot when I face an ethical.

View Essay - Reflective Paper - Deontology from BUSINESS MGT at Southern Nazarene University. Reflective Paper Deontology 1) Moral relativism is an ethical philosophy that implies there are no.

Reflective Paper - Utilitarianism Southern Nazarene University%(3). A reflective essay on a business ethics topic. Uploaded by. Alex Mihalopoulos. This paper analyses the above case with the help of ethical theories such as Kantianism, Utilitarianism, Social Contract Theory and Virtue ethics.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Reflective Paper On Utilitarianism. According to John Stuart Mill (author of Utilitarianism), utility is happiness, and happiness is pleasure minus pain.

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Reflective paper on utilitarianism
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