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Follow our ongoing report. The Two Pyongyang photo essay Monument is made from solid granite stone and features bronze Pyongyang photo essay aspiring to united Koreas. This was one of the few times we were allowed to take photos of the military. April 18, architecture brutalism korea North Korea photo essay pyongyang raphael olivier soviet urban Pyongyang Ice Rink — All photos by Raphael Olivier.

Architecture is a way for them to affirm their strength, courage, independence, determination and unity in a very tangible way. When I asked about the people I saw picking up stones, no one could explain why. At one stage we were without any running water for 24 hours. Join Archipanic newsletter You will receive news, special reports and trends updates from architecture and design planet.

Modernist pool at Changgwang-won Health Complex. Buildings are arranged in geometrical patterns to frame a certain square or monument. Who really is the Robot? I think there Pyongyang photo essay a strong feeling of pride. All images by Raphael Olivier. Soviet imprint and North Korean regime influences Raphael Olivier portrays Pyongyang austere towers and monuments which convey a brutalist sense of leadership weaved into the urban fabric of the North Korean capital.

Otherwise, every minute of the day is organized from 7am until around 10pm. The Ryugyong Hotel is definitely a bit of a taboo, but also a clear landmark of Pyongyang. So I think today the brutalist architecture matches very well the Korean taste for simple shapes and raw materials, while expressing the feeling of robustness and security.

I asked about fostering and adoption, but this was almost unheard of. Straight, wide avenues lined-up with colossal monuments are the norm.

This orphanage had three lots of triplets. In the seven days we were there, though, there were only two instances that people spoke to me spontaneously in the street. Of course, the fact that it is still not completed after 30 years is somehow an embarrassment, but since the issue is too obvious to be hidden, the general attitude is about understanding that such large structure is difficult to build, especially under harsh economical sanctions.

Barbershop inside Changgwang-won health complex. The interesting fact is the entire structure of the Ryugyong Hotel is actually completely made of concrete, making it so heavy that is was difficult to finish it as it threatened to collapse under its own weight. Raphael Olivier — The general urban design of Pyongyang has been planned and laid out in a very particular way, largely due to the central role of the Regime in all aspects of society.

Explore the best of Burning Man which reflected on how new technology effect our lives. Photo Essay — Austere monumental towers and pastel-coloured brutalist housing buildings but also large public spaces, mosaics and raw concrete.

Yet both North and South Koreans also see themselves as resistant people, who were able to preserve their unique culture and identity despite numerous invasions throughout thousands of years.

Even in Pyongyang, the showcase city, I saw groups of people collecting water from storm water drains using buckets and containers.

Pyongyang metro, one of the deepest in the world, is accessed by very long and steep escalators. Overpass on the highway between Pyongyang and the border with South Korea. Raphael Oliver photographed also Seoul Brutalist architecture.

Press Enter to Search Pyongyang architecture: Materials and technologies used for construction are limited. Although some could speak English, they were very reluctant to converse. They designed impressive structures marked by modernist, futurist and brutalist influences.

Off to the orphanage they go, but they are allowed home on Sundays. A classical high ridsign residential building viewed from Koryo Hotel in the city center.

Producing triplets is regarded as a high achievement, and your reward for this feat is having the children taken away at birth. On both sides, brutalist architecture is also used to give a modern style to the city, in Pyongyang to affirm its almighty revolutionary spirit, in Seoul to be seen as a cool, creative, edgy city on top of fashion, arts and design trends.

Architectural Photo Tour of Pyongyang, North Korea

Korea Pavilion at Venice Biennale explored how North and South Korea different ideas of modernity shaped opposite cultures and architectures in much less than a century. The Workers Party Foundation Monument features granite sculptures which refer to the founding powers of the country: This group found our dancing hysterically funny, as we pranced about, waving and twirling our arms.Commercial photographer Raphael Olivier recently travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea and created a fantastic photo essay exploring the city’s vintage socialist architecture.

The French photographer who is currently based in Singapore explains. Almost completely destroyed during the Korean War ( – ), Pyongyang raised from its ashes in. Raphael Olivier's photographs of North Korea reveal Pyongyang's unique architecture.

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Photo essay: now that North Korea is no longer the tourism black spot it once was. Photo Essay Photo essay: Snapshots of life in North Korea. Sue Sandberg.

Surprisingly Normal Scenes From Pyongyang, North Korea

Jan 21, This photo essay was originally published at the author’s Matador Community blog. WHEN I LANDED in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), I immediately had to hand in my mobile phone. From that moment on, we were always.

BuzzFeed News Photo Essay Editor. Posted on February 10,at a.m. ET Tweet Share Copy Fabian Muir North Koreans pay their respects at the Mansudae Grand monument in Pyongyang.

Fabian Muir is an Australian photographer whose documentary work aims to develop humanistic narratives in otherwise politically isolated regions of. Architectural Photo Tour of Pyongyang, North Korea Spread The Word Commercial photographer Raphael Olivier recently travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea and made a fantastic photo essay exploring the city’s vintage socialist architecture.

This is a photo essay about the vintage socialist architecture of Pyongyang, North Korea, aiming to showcase the various influences of modernist, futurist and brutalist designs found around the city.

Pyongyang photo essay
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