Presentation of witches in macbeth essay

They had inflicted many ideas into his mind, the ideas that they thought were truthful and realistic. They had many superstitions about witches which is why nearly all women were accused of being witches and were cruelly tortured and executed by being burnt at the stake.

I think Shakespeare included witches in his play because at the time most of the people believed that witches existed and had powers.

It is a well-known philosophical rule that people are always categorizing things into good and bad. The setting would be in a dark and abandoned place where there was a lot of smoke, because of the cauldron.

They also believed that witches could make people fall ill by using spells and potions, and could kill people at a distance.

Also King James did not believe in witches and as a result it seemed as though his country did not follow the idea of witches. People also believed that witches could become invisible at their own will or astonishingly disappear.

A few clues will be given to the audience as to why the witches are doing what they are doing. People thought that they could communicate with the dead and raise evil spirits by boiling up nauseating ingredients into a sickening brew.

They will be old witches, all three dressed in black with very similar looks. People in those days who were women-haters did not see harm in all the witch trials that took place, but if something like that was to take place today.

People in King James rule at times tried to use religion to support their very sexist and prejudiced views. Macbeth is brought in by this prediction, and his wife also has many big plans to get rid of Duncan and the King, she influences his thoughts and actions as well.

In the Orson Wells version of Macbeth the very first impressions we get of the witches are that they are dangerous and doing something evil. As witch one I wanted to portray an image that was very supernatural, and queer.

However people from Shakespearean days are likely to have thought that they were bad and would have treated them as outcasts and usually the witches would be unaccepted.

It is often the case that people put things into the bad Category when they are unfamiliar with its concept.

It was all down to the witches revelations that the whole ordeal started. People believed that witches could fly, cause fogs and storms as well as kill animals.

Some of the other superstitions about witches were that they had a contract with the devil, who gave the witches demonic powers. The setting would have to be an abandoned place because it will give the impression of the witches wanting to be distant from everybody else and up to no good as they have gone to such a place to carry out their evil deeds.

By saying that particular line it causes us to think of ideas as to why the witches will want to meet Macbeth. By all of them being presented as old witches dressed in long black outfits it will make it look as though they are all up to something menacing as well as disturbing.

Therefore both past and present reactions to the witches can be justified to a certain extent. As a group we tried to use our space in a variety of ways. His ambition was his greatest weakness; it drove him to murder, corruption, treason and evil.

The fact that the first time we meet Macbeth is with the witches, symbolises that there may also be something bad and evil about him. During the time that the play was written, society was very orthodox and very prejudiced against anything that was different in even the slightest.

For example when the witches predict that Macbeth will become King, they made it sound so truthful and honest.

Macbeth Personal Presentation - Assignment Example

It gives us the impression of the rest of the play being suspenseful as we will eventually find out what is going on. We suspect this because we can see water bubbling up in a cauldron quite rapidly as well as a lot of smoke and we see the body of a baby strangled by its umbilical cord which is disturbing and sets the scene as horrific.

Because the whole play revolves around Macbeth the scene my group and I acted is important.

Discuss The Presentation Of The Witches In “Macbeth” Essay Sample

She criticises her husband for not being ambitious enough. The opening scene will be dramatic as you would suddenly hear thunder, lightning and rain, and the thick and eerie smoke would rise up from the cauldron to reveal the witches standing around it.

I also think that this is what Shakespeare aimed to do, he wanted to try and make the society of his day think. The director has used stage lights to focus on the three witches, by doing this the effect is has is that it makes the witches look powerful and in control.• Women were often blamed for crimes and many were accused of being witches.

Macbeth Research Presentation Essay Essay Macbeth: Macbeth and Macbeth Play Macbeth Macbeth Analytical Essay Macbeth is portrayed in two different versions, in Polanski’s film version () and in Shakespeare.

Discuss The Presentation Of The Witches In “Macbeth” Essay Sample. In the opening scene of the stage version of Macbeth the first impressions we get of the witches are that they look strange as well as intimidating because of their facial expressions.

Free Essay: Shakespeare's Presentation of Witches in Macbeth When Shakespeare was writing plays in the 17TH Century many people had strong beliefs in witches.

Macbeth Personal Presentation - Assignment Example. We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic specifically for you For Only $/page. order now. My facial expressions also tried to emphasize my power over the other two witches and over Macbeth and Banquo.

There was a lot of body movement involved in the scene, like I. - The Roles of the Witches in the Play Macbeth In this essay I will look at the role of the three witches and the influence they have on many of the central characters within Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

- The Presentation of Witches in Macbeth In the opening scene of the stage version of Macbeth the first impressions we get of the.

The witches do not harm Macbeth therefore he is an agent of God, but he does destroy himself. That corresponds with the Christian notion of made in God’s image but with the power of free will. The witches use the weakness of Macbeth to their advantage and to show they can have control over people but they cannot move Banquo to the dark side.

Presentation of witches in macbeth essay
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