Marketing case analysis curtis automotive hoist

Establishing a sales office Advantages: CAH may risk losing the exclusive distributor and possibly, most of US sales. The industry was dominated by two large U. And the key question here is if CAH can adapt its distinctive competencies to the new market.

There has to be a legitimate reason for a young audience to be attracted to the product and not Just because advertisers and marketers say you should. Take for example Buick using Tiger Woods to remote Buick cars. Today, movie theaters show ads prior to movies and as we all know, young people make up the largest share of movie goers.

Little is known about the customer, competition and future sales. CAH has been involved in this market through its US wholesaler for three years. Advertising was almost non-existent. Its superior offering and established reputation is well received here.

Marketing Case – Buick Motors assignment

A sales office will accomplish this. CAH risks losing the technology and revenue. Competitive and Industrial Analysis The customers of hoists are new car dealers, used car dealers, specialty shops, chains and independent garages. A suitable joint venture partner for CAH should have 1 a common goals and should bring complementary and relevant benefits; 2 market knowledge; 3 Established reputation and distribution; 4 no involvement with direct competitive product.

While my analysis weighed each of the options primarily using qualitative data, quantitative data forecast data would, in my opinion, allow CAH to make more informed decisions on whether it should expand existing sales in the United States or exploit market opportunities in Europe.

There are no sales of molded toys in The question remains about future cooperation between the two partners.

Problem Case Study for Curtis Automotive Hoist

Furthermore, a joint venture could also help mitigate potential risks, primarily market risk, and returns over the two companies. Gagnon felt that the U. On the other hand, Europe represents a potential growth opportunity as well.

Enhanced joint efforts with wholesaler will instead encourage him or her to promote the Curtis Lift more aggressively.How could Curtis Automotive Hoist (CAH) maintain its fast growth and prestigious brand image with expanded market share given its limited financial and.

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Triangular Trade assignment. Marketing assignment. Guides for writing an assignments. How to write an assignment. Marketing Case Analysis: Curtis Automotive Hoist Essay Sample. Basic Problem: CAH’s basic problem lies in determining whether the company shoud expand or increase its growth prospects, and CAH must decide on whether it should do so in the United States by expanding its existing operations and sites, or whether CAH should explore.

Marketing Case Analysis: Curtis Automotive Hoist Essay Sample

Problem Definition and Statement of the Alternatives Curtis automotive hoist's main objectives is growth market share and growth profit. Actually, from toCurtis automotive hoist had increased 55 percentages.

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Marketing case analysis curtis automotive hoist
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