Intranet examples business plans

To answer these questions, go back to the five purposes determined in the previous section, and use these to guide individual decisions. For example, if the focus is on content, then required features may include targeting information to specific business units, simple document management, and strong search.

For example, the focus may be on improving content and communication, the fundamentals of most intranets. Involve staff throughout the intranet design and development to embed a sense of intranet.

Business-focused intranets usually help organizations to hit the following targets: Live Intranet Demo Business-focused SharePoint intranets Corporate portals with business value target key business activities and aim at helping employees do their work more efficiently with lesser effort.

This is an excellent way to ensure employees have the most up-to-date information about what is going on in your organization. The overall goal remains to deliver a site that is easy for staff to use, and valuable for the business. If you take a look at the best SharePoint intranets of explored by Nielsen Norman Group, you will find several SharePoint intranet examples tailored to social activities only.

All fields are required. The Intranet Plan contains the map and blueprint for implementing a new intranet or enterprise portal.

The Intranet Plan

A corporate portal serves as the sole medium that spreads corporate news, industry trends, project-related updates, organizational knowledge, specific business information and more. The Plan The output of these phases constitutes the Intranet Plan for guiding the implementation of the intranet or portal and the underlying governance and technology foundation.

Ensure that both the strategy and scope for the intranet are aligned with the nature and activities of the organisation. Which of the many collaboration features will be used? Provide a single source of information. The intranet also hosts the Idea Lab that is a separate area for employees to accumulate their knowledge and generate new business ideas.

The SDHS staff take hundreds of photos each week, so Wills thought it would be fun to have employees upload their photos to FEtCH and implement a photo of the week contest. You can explore some real SharePoint intranet examples to see how business-oriented intranets look.

The intranet was key to offering a single resource hub where employees could easily find all of the latest material. The starting point for any intranet project must therefore be to clearly understand business and staff needs.Intranet ROI: Managing HR processes & supporting the IT Helpdesk.

Over the last few weeks we have introduced you to 12 key business processes you can implement on your intranet to deliver measurable value to both the organisation and the people working there. This free workbook guides you through 10 key steps of understanding business goals, choosing the right team, defining requirements, and evaluating intranet solutions.

While there’s little doubt that credit unions can benefit from a social intranet, picking an actual provider is far from easy. In this example you’ve started to link the benefits of a social intranet to a specific business problem that needs to be solved, and to the larger company goal that will benefit.

Once you’ve found several examples of specific business processes that support company goals, you’re ready to write your intranet strategy. 1. Understand business and staff needs. An intranet will be used if it’s useful. This seems a simple observation, but it can’t be taken for granted.

The starting point for any intranet project must therefore be to clearly understand business and staff needs.

During Assessment (Phase I), the current state of the intranet is documented and the needs and requirements identified. Assessment serves two important functions: it documents the needs and requirements of the user population, and those of the business and its stakeholders while aligning project goals with corporate goals and objectives.

The following SharePoint intranet examples reflect different levels of portal ‘socialization’: 1.

Business vs social SharePoint intranet: explained with real examples

Business-oriented intranet with social web parts is a great solution for .

Intranet examples business plans
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