How to write an ap studio art concentration statement

Why are you using them? His portfolio scored a perfect six. Which topics are stimulating to me? Photos represent the beginning of my concentration, all of the pieces are full black and white, and of the oldest buildings in the group, they are also the pieces that were shot mainly using 35mm black and white film, rather then digital cameras.

It turned out to be one of my favorites. How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? How does it tie into your theme?

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Regardless of the number I get on a piece of paper in the mail, I worked my hardest, day in and day out on all of these pieces. A strong concentration is one with a clear focus on an idea or theme. I decided to pursue portraits and create variation using different perspectives and color schemes.

Then my teacher suggested I photograph outside in sunset. However, I succeeded a lot too. Here are some examples of how I problem-solved composition concerns, increased depth, and manipulated my imagery. The importance of a good composition The preliminary photographs above show the development of my composition.

I began to employ this tilted perspective in the background of 6 to further emphasize the jostling of the subway. Cutting apart the first portrait was easier once I had a plan. My topic was accessible. They should also include questions and comments about their own writing.

Describe what you principles and elements of design or metaphor or symbol you are working with and how it ties in to the theme and concept: I made more than 24 art pieces, but I got to choose the ones I was actually proud of for a trimmed version of my portfolio.

In addition, I drew on paper bags to show the leathery and alienated faces of commuters in a working community. Remind student that this is a first draft of their statements and to limit statements to words making certain that they contain no information other than responses to the two items included above.

You may refer to specific images as examples. It took me a few months, but I settled on a Concentration topic about different perspective-based portraits in the kitchen.

I took calculated risks with time and composition. The commentary consists of two parts; a statement and an elaboration. Additionally, I superimposed a meat fork where my selfie stick had been. Expand on the meaning of the concept: Help students recognize that the concentration portfolio provides them with an opportunity to experience the creation of visual arts pieces as a professional artist does.

I wanted to blend and morph a variety of appendages or parts to create new figures. Includes works that exhibit the synthesis of 2-D form, technique, and content. Revisiting work makes a big difference The difference between my first composition left and my final image right that I submitted is quite strong.

The lines eventually began to transform into shapes themselves, such as in concentrations 7 and on. AP Studio Art is a class that revolved mainly around work that would eventually all go into my Portfolio that I would send off to the AP board to be judged and scored.

After discussing and problem-solving with my teacher, we decided it would be better to start a fresh new artwork based off an alternative lesson. I gave up days off, I gave up my sanity, my sleep, I even guiltily admit that I gave up working harder in one particular math class that I really should have done more in….

The statement supports each portfolio by informing the work and conveying a sense of the direction of the investigation and the learning that occurred during the process of creating the concentration portfolio. For portfolio samples from prior portfolio assessments, along with scoring information, check out the tables below.Name _____ AP Studio Art Concentration Statement Rubric Please rate your self on how well you did the following 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.

Title. Concentration: Writing a Statement. Course.

Samples of AP* Studio Art

AP Studio Art. Level. Grade 12 and first year college. Objectives.

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This lesson is designed to assist students in identifying a concentration topic and writing a draft statement for their portfolio submission. To get to your Account Information page (shown), click Account Information in the left navigation panel.

Sign in Help. AP Students AP Studio Art: 3-D Design; AP Studio Art: Drawing; English. AP English Language and Composition; AP English Literature and Composition; History & Social Science. Apr 14,  · Concentration Statement Your concentration and its supporting statement will be typed into the AP Concentration 'Commentary' tab in your online portfolio showing investigation, growth, and discovery involved with a compelling visual concept through the following questions.

The AP* Studio Art portfolio has three sections: Breadth, Concentration, and Quality. Breadth: 12 works; Concentration: 12 works; Quality: 5 of the best original works from either the Breadth or Concentration categories; In addition, a written commentary must accompany the work in the Concentration section.

When working on Section II: Sustained Investigation, you can edit or view your concentration statement by clicking the Commentary tab from your portfolio work area.

To return to viewing your images in the Sustained Investigation section, click the Images tab. (Be sure to click Save Commentary before returning to view your images.).

How to write an ap studio art concentration statement
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