How to write a 20 word gist

They want their students to do more than just remember information in health or processes in FACS classes.

Yet the reality is that after discussing a difficult article with a class of 20 or more students, even the most engaging teacher cannot guarantee that every student will understand it.

High Interest Texts Select age appropriate periodicals to make content relatable and encourage more active reading. Select a paragraph passage of text. The Plusses of Summary Writing It Requires Active Reading If a teacher asks students to not only read but also summarize an article, the students will have to give that article more than a cursory glance.

The power of gist writing is that students learn to delete trivial information, select key ideas, and paraphrase in their own words. Online June Volume 69 Strong Readers All Summarize to Get the Gist John Collins The 10 percent summary strategy costs little in teacher time, and it prepares students for the common core state standards in literacy.

Gist Statements

What is the significance of those facts? What content area teachers really want is for students to see the bigger picture. It Builds Background Knowledge No longer will students be able to rely on personal experience alone to support their positions.

Summarize to Get the Gist

Have students read the paragraph, and challenge them to write a word or less summary in their own words. Accommodations Pre-teach key vocabulary to students who may need additional support in understanding the text prior to assigning the reading and provide a word bank for students individually or whole group to support the Gist Statement writing process.

Project the text, but display only the first paragraph cover the others. Retype the text onto a transparency or Power Point slide to reveal on the overhead screen. To highlight the "big idea" for each Gist, students also include a hand-drawn picture or computer image on the corresponding pages of the book report.

For example, students must cite their sources in the proper form; decide which lines if any from the article to quote; know how to use relevant vocabulary words in context; and correctly use specific writing conventions—such as proper use of the comma with quotes or an ellipsis.

Several strategies exist for teaching students to summarize text effectively. The declaration concludes with the demand for immediate change, granting women the rights of men. Meanwhile, one would be hard-pressed to find an English teacher who has not inwardly cringed at the thought of having to routinely grade stacks of in-class essays.

Put 20 blanks on the chalkboard. Women, the document asserts, are denied career and educational opportunities and must live under a different code of morals.

The common core state standards explicitly state that students will be required to write "arguments focused on discipline-specific content. For example, arguments in science are often based on controlled experiments, whereas arguments in the humanities are often based on expert opinion and appeal to authority.

Some teachers may even neglect to assign such essays, wanting to avoid the work that follows. Teachers can have students write down their Gists or share them verbally. Summarize content-related nonfiction articles that are from to 3, words long, the typical length of most magazine or newspaper articles.

Or the teacher might assign 20 points to the topic sentence, 50 points to the three or four main ideas, and 30 points to two well-selected and correctly punctuated quotations from the text. How to Evaluate a Summary To evaluate a 10 percent summary, I recommend a technique called focus correcting, in which a teacher selects three areas and only grades those areas.

Summaries can take many forms, from graphic organizers to two-column notes. Assessment Assess student learning by using a Gist as an "exit ticket" at the end of a lesson e. Small Group Work When launching Book Clubs, a teacher asks groups to create Gist statements at the end of every chapter, and to save their Gists in a notebook or folder.

Tell your students they can write more than one sentence. For all these reasons, summary writing is an essential building block for both reading comprehension and argument writing. Continue this procedure paragraph by paragraph until students have produced a word gist for the entire passage being taught.

Give each group or partnership resources to help support their critiques and to guide their reviews e. Unlike a summary presented in a graphic organizer, this approach pushes students to improve their writing and research skills. Next, the teacher forms small groups based on the articles students chose and provides each group with multiple copies of the text to analyze.A Gist Statement is a reading comprehension strategy where students convey the main idea of a text in 20 words or less.

After reading a text, students, independently or in pairs, answer the "Five W's and One H" about the content (i.e., who, what, when, where, why, how), and condense the information into one sentence.

Video: Get the Gist of an Essay & Improve Reading Comprehension. The better you get at figuring out the gist in the writing of others, the better you will become in your own writing.

Getting. Write a Gist Statement for the paragraph below. *A gist statement is like a summary except, a gist statement should be 1 sentence and contains less than 20 words. Expert Answer. % (1 rating) Get this answer with Chegg Study View this answer.

How to Write a Short Story from Start to Finish

OR. Find your book. Find your book%(1). For today’s practice, let’s just take on step #1, write the basic story, the gist of the idea, the story as you’d tell it to a friend. Don’t think about it. Finally, students use their notes to write a word summary called a GIST.

Once students have mastered writing a GIST using newspaper articles, the strategy is then applied to content area texts to support comprehension and summarizing skills. Summarize to Get the Gist. 60 points to the three or four main ideas written in the student's own words; and 20 points to four vocabulary words that the student has used correctly and underlined.

Or the teacher might assign 20 points to the topic sentence, 50 points to the three or four main ideas, and 30 points to two well-selected and.

How to write a 20 word gist
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