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However in saying this I do not feel like I completed my log book to the extent that I could have. The integration of the knowledge and skills I have gained and developed throughout the HNC music course will help to stand me in Hnc marketing graded unit stead for becoming a performing musician.

Sources of funding and finance Research and build a database of appropriate funding and finance organisations. I wrote it in a way that whenever I was unsure about what I was going to be doing next, the information I required was there and easy to see instead of having to search through it.

Below is a list of the stages that I will work towards and the timescales that I have assigned to them: The ability to write out my music on sheet music. I feel like I showed my knowledge of the industry well but my main strength I feel was the marketing figures and market research that I carried out on myself as a YouTube artist.

My aim is to achieve a residency in a club as the regular DJ by September I overall am happy with my presentation.

Identification and explanation of the sources of information The evidence that I am going to provide to the employer is quite a few things to show how versatile I am. Looking back on my graded unit 2 I feel like it is definitely something to be proud of.

Whilst composing the graded unit. Produce copyright statements for my own music. My grade will be judged on the overall product and what amount of time I Hnc marketing graded unit taken to complete this task. My Threats are — Making a comfortable living from playing music — Not being guaranteed work — If two musical jobs clash and I need to work on the two of them.

At the end of the interview, I will ask for feedback and ask what I can improve on for next time. I also planned to create a merchandising contract but felt that I could give enough information on a slide instead.

Working in the Creative Industries Marketing Produce various marketing materials such as posters, flyers and web-based materials.

In saying this, my figures when it came to my budgets was not so good. I feel like if I had put a bit more time into this it would have been more put together and I would recommend to anyone doing this to go through both their portfolio pieces and presentations with a fine tooth comb to ensure that everything matches up well and no mistakes were made before you actually present your Graded Unit 2 in front of a panel.

Career development skills Produce a list of ways to develop my career and skills. Planning and managing Being able to keep to timelines, getting the work finished and completed to a high standard.

Also having my weakness there of getting stressed helped to calm me down so I could improve. The experiences I have gained and continue to develop during the HNC music course has allowed me to work in a band scenario and in our band, we have already written a couple of original tracks, with a few more already in the pipelines.

Apart from those reasons I feel like there were not many modifications made and I reached the objectives of the 14 core units for my presentation. I had based my graded unit 2 presentation on the topic of a record label that I had set up to release my own music and other acts, I called my record label Starry-Eyed Records.

I had internet issues at home which made me have to manually write a logbook and upload it at a later date. I will have to provide a presentation and interview when finalizing my work for the graded unit.

Information gathered in response to the brief The job role that I have chosen to discuss about in my graded unit is a session drummer.

Graded Unit Plan Hnd Music Performance

My Opportunities are I am able to reflect on my playing — I will be able to play with other musicians — I will be constantly learning and will learn from mistakes.

In saying this I am proud of all the hard work I did put into this presentation and portfolio pieces and I am happy in the way in which my presentation was put across. I will construct a SWOT analysis to help me along the way to complete the project.

Finally for the genres of music, this will be the longest video which I shall conclude the interview with. Songwriting Production Being able to write melodies, understanding harmonies. The blank templates will be helpful too as I can fill them in when required. The SWOT analysis helped me as well as every time I looked at my plan, I would notice the fact that I got an A in last years graded unit so it spurred me on to really try to work hard at this.

Materials and resources for completing this project: I would say that a good point of having a plan was that I could look back on it whenever I needed to remember what I was doing.HNC BUSINESS - PORTAL; Section.

HNC BUSINESS - PORTAL. STUDENTS: Click here to IT Applications Software 1 (LV) Marketing: An Introduction AYR SF. Marketing: An Introduction. Marketing: An Introduction KILWINNING. Graded Unit 1. Business Law: An Introduction.

Business Contractual Relationships HNC Business Graded Unit 1 - Kilmarnock.

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Provides knowledge, skills and an understanding of business and marketing through units from the HNC Business Framework G9ML15 with a number of option sets available for different career paths.

Includes: managing people and organisations, marketing, economics, business accounting, business communication, IT, as well as a business graded unit exam.

Graded Unit Two Evaluation In order to meet the brief and develop a promotional campaign and marketing proposal with a collection I had to make changes, I chose not to develop two themes and instead focus on one to make it stronger and more suited for the target market.

The output materials are all appropriate for Next and will appeal to. School of BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE NC BUSINESS NC ADMINISTRATION HNC/D ADMINISTRATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HNC – Marketing, Business Accounting, Management, Information Technology, Communication, Economics and Applications, Statistics, Graded Unit (Project), Managing People, Communications, Accounting and Marketing.

Business: Graded Unit 1(SQA HN Unit F8LD 34)

There will. HNC Social Care Graded Unit PLAN By I am currently working for inc corp as a Supported Living Assistant providing support to a young gentleman with both. HNC Business - Marketing Practice: An Introduction. HNC Business - Kilwinning - Marketing: An Introduc HNC Business - Graded Unit 1.

HNC Business - Business Law: An Introduction. HNC Business - Business Contractual Relationships. HNC Business - Economic Issues. HNC Accounting.

Hnc marketing graded unit
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