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The English Renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement in England dating from the late 15th to the 17th century. This module will therefore seek to answer some of the key questions of the Great War: There were three further plays after the war. And what made colonial conquest, colonisation, and economic exploitation of non-European spaces feasible on such a global scale and for so long?

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These writers have occasionally also been referred to as the "Postmoderns" see especially references by Charles Olson and the Grove anthologies edited by Donald Allen. A major novelist of the late 19th century, Hardy, after the adverse criticism of his last novel, Jude the Obscureconcentrated on publishing poetry.

A single, large sheet of paper might have a written, usually partisan, account of an event. Credits HI - Popular Religion and Heresy, This module examines the rise and spread of popular religious movements in Western Europe from the eleventh to the early fourteenth century and considers how some of these movements became seen as heresy and were associated with English and american literature dissent, ideas of persecution and social and economic change.

Looking at a wide range of forms including poetry, prose and drama, students will consider the relationship between medieval and early modern life experience and the literary works it produced.

The course covers three chronological periods: The literary works are taken mostly from a restricted period One focus in the module will be the notion of the artist as applied to the writer as an art-practitioner. Students will explore the interconnections between modernity in the United States and the literary and philosophical ideas that shaped it and were shaped by it from the start of the century to its close.

Introductory coverage will explore the "prehistory" of British colonialism through an examination of the plantation of Ulster, and other aspects of migration and imperialism will be treated through engagement with the Scottish experiment at Darien and English attempts to gain footholds in West Africa.

John Smitha soldier of fortune, is credited with initiating American literature. Both the content and form of the literature of this first century in America were thus markedly English.

They "were not a formal group, but all were influenced by" Ben Jonson. The aim is to examine the reasons for, and the attempted resolution of, major political and religious problems, with a clear sense of the European context in which these events were played out.

But how revolutionary was it? It will show the supposed decline of the tank and heavy armour in the years since the collapse of the Communist Bloc, only to be given a new lease of life by the two Gulf Wars. A variety of counterarguments to such a conservative view were published.

Medieval mystery plays focused on the representation of Bible stories in churches as tableaux with accompanying antiphonal song.

Though not a modernist, Hardy was an important transitional figure between the Victorian era and the 20th century. Chesterton was a prolific and hugely influential writer with a diverse output.

The curriculum will concentrate on particular themes to help sustain integrity across this diffuse oceanic domain: The Empire was, therefore, the most consistent and most continuous influence in shaping the army as an institution and moulding public opinion of the army. Political power was no longer in English hands, so that the West Saxon literary language had no more influence than any other dialect and Middle English literature was written in the many dialects that corresponded to the region, history, culture, and background of individual writers.

This module will introduce students to the political history of the period, meeting famous characters such as Henry VIII and Mary, Queen of Scots, but it will also get beyond headline-grabbing monarchs to explore complex political realities.

Edward Tayloran English-born minister and physician who lived in Boston and Westfield, Massachusetts. Some brief extracts from theoretical material on colonial discourse analysis, decolonisation, postcoloniality and migration will be considered alongside a single primary text each week.

English literature

James, born in the US, lived in Europe fromand became a British citizen in As a new experiment in politics and culture, the United States had to be literally written into existence.

Here, students will gain an understanding of the modalities of the colonial conquest, the creation and operation of colonial economies and the socio-cultural engineering brought about by European rule.

Postmodern literature

More important, they argued questions of government involving the relationship between church and state. Commencing with an introductory session on writing and researching American environmental history, the module is then split into four sections: The course explores the continuities and changes surrounding those classed as different.

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. It was rejected for publication and remained supposedly lost until published posthumously in 1. Recall and interpret significant information on the syllabus 2.

Describe the historical contexts of American literature from European history. Literatura Inglesa e Americana - English and American literature. 4, likes · 34 talking about this. O Objetivo desta página é divulgar autores de. Sep 20,  · All American imprints from the 17th and 18th centuries which were identified in the American Bibliography by Charles Evans and in the Supplement to Evans’ American Bibliography by Roger Bristol.

Early English Books Online (EEBO). American literature - The 17th century: This history of American literature begins with the arrival of English-speaking Europeans in what would become the United States.

At first American literature was naturally a colonial literature, by authors who were Englishmen and who thought and wrote as such. John Smith, a soldier of fortune, is credited with initiating American literature.

Twentieth-century English literature

Trivia Quiz - American Literature. Choose the correct answer. What's the title of J. D. Salinger's most famous novel?

The Winter of Our Discontent. American Literature Topic Questions. Related topics: german, english, american literature, philosophy.

History and English and American Literature - BA (Hons)

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English and american literature
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