Economic impacts of tourism economics essay

Larger income, longer holidays coupled with certain incentives given by public and private organisations to their workers, have contributed a lot in infusing interest among the hitherto stay-at-home people to look around for a place for an annual or biannual visit with family members.

According to one estimate, an investment of Rs. It may be emphasised here that domestic tourism is no less pronounced than the foreign tourism. At present about South Asian countries have a geographical advantage of being in close proximity to India and consequently this region contributes about one-fourth of the total foreign tourist arrival in India.

Foreign investment and collaborations are now facilitated under the new economic policy.

So far, 32 properties have been classified in heritage hotel category providing a room capacity of rooms.

Most of the foreign exchange earned by tourist industry is accounted for by hotel segment. More jobs in rural areas would also help reduce continuous migration of people to towns. In addition, the industry provides indirect employment to about 40 million persons.

Employment Opportunities in Tourism: The hotel industry has shown a spectacular growth during the last one decade. Another important aspect of employment in tourism is that it employs a large number of women, educated and uneducated, as well as skilled and unskilled.

And since most of the natural beauty and wildlife are to be found in non-urban areas, rural people could find employment as guides and transporters; with proper training.

Travel and Tourism

Another 38 heritage hotels projects comprising of rooms are in the pipeline. The ratio further increases if one takes into account the ancillary services associated with hotels and restaurants.

Tourism is a labour-intensive industry and is likely to offer more jobs in the coming years. Byit would provide 25 million jobs. This is by far the largest segment of market with a potential of 20 crore local tourists travelling annually.

In fact, women are greater in number than men in hotels, airline services, travel agencies, handicraft making and cultural activities, etc. In fact, domestic tourists far outnumber foreign tourists. Accordingly, a maximum of 30 per cent of the foreign tourists visiting India come from Western Europe.

The improved economy and greater exposure through mass media have developed increasing awareness among the people about tourism; a new dimension to their life style. It is relatively easy to keep record of foreign tourists as they are registered at entry points like international airports which are not possible in case of domestic tourists.

Tourism in India has vast employment potential, much of which still awaits exploitation. Industrial Policy has now placed hotels and tourism related activities as a priority industry.

Byif medical tourism were to reach 25 per cent of the revenues of private up-market players, then upto Rs. The Industrial Policy has now placed the hotels and tourism related activities as a priority industry. Further, it is interesting to note that the employment generation in proportion to investment is very high in tourist industry.

Domestic tourism has increased considerably during the last couple of decades.

The Department also reclassified these hotels after every five years to ensure that requisite standards are maintained by them.Travel and Tourism Consulting Economic Impact Comprehensive analysis of the value of a project, industry subsector, marketing ROI, or the entire visitor economy.

Air travel industry is a special industry to the global, because it is always grow along with the economics. Somebody describes the importance of airlines industry as “no airlines, no globalization, and no new era”, this has showed how.

Growth of Tourism in India: Its impact on Employment and Economic Development

negative impacts of tourism Essay Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism There are many hidden costs to tourism, which can have unfavorable The past government administration applied holiday economics to help boost tourism domestically. The current administration may choose to consider continuing the program.

Economic Impact

Growth of Tourism in India: Its impact on Employment and Economic Development! Tourism in India has a strong relevance to economic development, cultural growth and national integration.

As mentioned earlier, India is a vast country of great beauty and diversity and her tourist potential is equally vast. HRTM Tourism Economics Term Project 1 Myrtle Beach, South As Wall () mentions, there are large quantities of research papers on economic impacts of tourism.

Besides, considerable statistics greatly ease the analyses and measurements. ROLE OF TOURISM IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY INTRODUCTION. Oxford Economics has estimated that over million workers are employed directly in the industry worldwide and generating around US$ further enhances efficiencies through economies of scale,increased competition and .

Economic impacts of tourism economics essay
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