Developing strategic management and leadership skills essay

Leadership skills for a specific requirement of the sales manager of Sainsbury are to set high expectations, the best leaders of this company set high expectations for all sales people and take the additional steps involved in helping others to meets the requirements Horn and Brem, It develops a strict atmosphere from which work is executed in a desired manner.

Moreover, it supported organisational direction and human resources so that the corporation can work without any hurdles. This style may affect the operation and working in case if employees are not intellectual enough. Managers monitor very closely and also include employees in decision making activity.

By above explanation it has been concluded that these theories of management and leadership helps the managers of Sainsbury to make changes very easily in the organisation and they can monitor the whole progress toward achieving strategic organisational change. Identify organisational needs and craft development opportunities — It helps to find out the requirements of the organisation and then find different techniques that help the employees to work effectively.

Transformational — Under this, leaders can change the personality of employees by closely monitoring them. Transformational leaders of this organisation inspire their followers to achieve strategic goals by clearly articulating a direction for the company. This style requires good two way communication and gives suggestions that managers are willing to encourage leadership skills in their subordinates they generate business culture that powers the organisations and its performance.

The leader should be courageous to take risks and delegating the right tasks to the right people. Through this, overall productivity of employees gets boosted and hence leads to attainment of business objectives in an effectual manner.

Manager hardly interfere in decision making and whole authority is been transferred among the employee. Moreover, it merges gains and produces more change and secures new approaches in the culture.

The commitment and enthusiasm of a business leader shapes the common goals of the Sainsbury and provides inspiration and motivation for the people to perform at a high level.

It focuses on objectives measurements to support progress so that the competitions and performance evolutions become fair to all sales people in the department and each individual knows what to do so that to meets the progress and to reach success.

On the journey toward wholeness in leader theories. Further, it empowers the employees of Sainsbury for doing action, helps in generating short term wins.

A Lassiez—Faire leader of this corporation permits capable, motivated subordinates to make their own decision.

These selected theories help in many ways to the Sainsbury which are explaining below: Second, Paternalistic- In this style manager of Sainsbury act as a head of the employees, and concerned about the social needs of their subordinates.

Innovative skills — It helps to improve the quality of the goods and services that are being provided by the Sainsbury Campbell, Listening skills — listening is the most important aspects of effective communication that is being done in this organisation as it makes the speaker to feel heard and understood that helps to build a stronger and deeper connection between the employees and superior and subordinates.

This report helps to understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership. Through this, overall efficiency of the firm gets increased in an effectual manner.

The effective leaders of this organisation allow employees to follow original solutions to complex problems Patching, It should be committed to the organisational tasks. Journal of Management Development.

Download App instantly with a single touch 2. Managers are the person who manages day to day operations of the organisation but leaders are those persons who bring the changes with new thoughts and new innovations to this organisation Hoye, The management styles that are being used by the Sainsbury are autocratic, bureaucratic, laissez- faire etc.

Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Autocratic — This is a leadership style in which managers holds whole power and authority with him only and uses it solely without discussing about it from their subordinates.

Third, Democratic- In this style managers of this company trust their subordinates and encourage them to make decisions.f methods used for developing leadership skills Lincoln Electric introduced management trainee programs and involved its workers more at strategic level.

The training was given under the supervision of effective leaders of the organization. Developing strategic management and leadership skills. Print Reference this. Published and that it was the most needed resource of developing nations. Functions of Strategic Management. 1.

Planning. 2. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click. Developing strategic management and leadership skills should be a part of organisations’ actions.

Explain the link between strategic management and leadership Strategic Management consists of the analysis of any organisation, decision making and necessary actions in order to create and sustain competitive advantages.

Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills Introduction to Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills Strategic management is the supervision of the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the organisation that achieves excellence (Murthy, Atrens, and Eccleston, ).

The paper will then analyse what does the strategic leadership mean to the organizations and explain why organizations need strategic leadership in three angles: the change of business environment; the inadequacy of traditional management role for organizations; the importance of strategic leadership in terms of organizations’ strategy implementation.

Leadership and Strategic Management have the most crucial linkages and it is important to note that strategy of an organization is developed through its leadership vision and organizational philosophy.

Developing strategic management and leadership skills essay
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