Compare and contrast essay on the outsiders

The greasers who have had every disadvantage life could throw at them, however, are the ones who seem more civil. But, there are always some similarities coming out. They have common themes, different tones, different purpose, and different characterization.

Lived a very sophisticated style 4. They are the teenagers that follow the greasers as the walk Cherry and her friend home. Cherry also notes that individuals in both groups face hardships in their lives.

Greasers are involved or stereotyped as criminals which are delinquents and trouble makers. The Socs are filthy rich kids in the west side, making them very spoiled and all their orders are brought and done.

The author obviously tried to inform the readers that while the teenagers were violent, most of them tried to refrain from physical violence, unlike the gangs in the Outsiders.

Compare and contrast the Socs and the Greasers. How are they different? Are there any similarities?

I am a menace to society. One common theme The Outsiders and the news article share violence among youth.

Compare and Contrast Between the Socs and Greasers in the Outsider

On the other hand, Socs are the jet set, west-side rich kids who drink whisky and smoke steel tobacco. They all had their own problems, they both wanted to be respected, and they all wanted to be happy. Socs are more well-liked than Greasers. Unlike the Socs, the Greasers are too emotional, they take everything serious.

Hinton novel, The Outsiders, there are two groups of characters--the greasers and the socs.

Compare and contrast the Socs and the Greasers in The Outsiders.

I beat up people. Finally, after comparing and contrasting Greasers and the Socs we conclude that both the Socs and the Greasers have completely different lifestyles. Aside from these details, the main idea of the Chapter is that, despite their differences, there is a lot that is the same about the two groups.

There are different clothing styles as well.Sep 23,  · "Outsiders": Compare Contrast Movie to Book My view on things has changed a lot since I nurture this maintain. A pictorial matter, a finale, a church and friendship, The Outsiders has it all. Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast the Socs and the Greasers in The Outsiders.' and find homework help for other The Outsiders questions at eNotes.

The Outsiders Movie and Book Compare and Contrast Essay The Outsiders is mainly about the separation between two gangs of teens living in Windrixville who think the grass is. Compare and Contrast Essay: The Outsiders. DUE points. Compare and Contrast YOURSELF to a one character from the novel.

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Persuasive essay on patriotism longevity diet research paper ethics in educational research essays on tattoos, what. Compare and contrast ideas, themes, and important points from The Outsiders by S.

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Compare and contrast essay on the outsiders
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