Christmas themed writing activities

A teacher answer key is provided. This one was a fun game to watch because balls were flying everywhere. Select someone to finish the word problem by asking a question e.

The writing responses for this project include: Seuss quotes page and download free posters for your classroom like the one you see above. They then had to take it down. On the other side of the board write: The first one to finish drawing his gingerbread man is the winner!

Secure payment method through Paypal. Seuss creative writing templates. Call on a volunteer to select a main character e. The remaining questions are set up in the same way, two rhyming sentences from the story, with one of the rhyming words as the answer that students write in the crossword puzzle.

Welcome to my How the Grinch Stole Christmas lesson plans page. Hello I was wondering what your thoughts were on teachers giving test grades for random stuff. For this fifth activity, students complete a maze and help the Grinch find his heart.

Roll a Gingerbread Man Game Students need a blank sheet of paper or use the dotted template below.

Seasonal and Holiday Writing Paper

Kids will love to play this fun matching game What message is Dr. Independent working time Distribute one piece of lined paper to each student. Using a hole punch and colored construction paper, punch out the number of circles and glue them onto the items. The game started off with the snow man bucket in the middle but then it was removed to make it more challenging.

Support students to see that both items contain numbers that need to be added together, but one of the items only contains numbers and symbols while the other uses numbers and words.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Lesson Plans, Printables and Activities

Allow the student time to study and visualize the letters. For this fourth activity, students complete a mixed up letters puzzle based on Dr. There are 17 sets of rhyming word pairs in this puzzle and a teacher answer key is provided.

If you are a teacher and you like what you see, please visit often. Assessment 10 minutes Distribute whiteboards to each student.

Explain to students that thinking about their learning is very important because it will help them to explore what type of learner they are, how they learn best where they need extra support, what kind of learning they preferand it helps you as a teacher create lessons that are interesting and fun for your students.

Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this link-up together, Laura. But it was "OK" because the teacher was doing a "binder check" and if you had all your notes […] Classroom Management HELP So today was my first day of teaching and it was Tell students at least five word problems for them to write number sentences.

This game helps children improve their sequential memory, the use of scissors, fine motor coordination, bilateral coordination, and eye-hand coordination. I am still in the middle of unit 1 and my kids still need to learn the standard algorithm for long division, dividing decimals, exponents, prime factorization and dividing fractions with models first […] Balancing act between teaching and extracurricular involvement advice Ed in Teacher Leadership -M.

Most would get and then it would fall over. Tell students that you will be writing Christmas-themed word problems for these addition number sentences as a class.

Students must follow the arrows in the direction shown. Start at the top left and finish at the bottom right of the page.Christmas and December Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas During the activity, pupils will discover what the first Christmas card looked like and why people complained about it.

Christmas and December Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas Pretend the president has passed a law banning Christmas. Write a letter to convince him that Christmas should not be banned.

Two of the versions include a space at the top for an illustration and the other two are just strictly pages with writing lines and no space for an illustration. 31, Downloads FREE Christmas Holiday Themed Writing Papers. Christmas Activities Christmas Crafts Christmas Ideas Holiday ideas Christmas writing Christmas Games Christmas Parties Xmas The Night Before Christmas Forward {FREEBIE} The poem has been divided into 28 cards in a "I have, Who Has" fashion.

Upper elementary students can enjoy Christmas themed activities, too! Check out this post with lots of Christmas activities for upper elementary, including several freebies! Explore Bec Smith's board "Christmas activities" on Pinterest.

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Christmas Writing Contract - Grades 3, 5 and 5 - includes 6 activities and additional reproducibles.

Christmas themed writing activities
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