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There are four uses of data for which a table is a good option: Where are we now? The party alleged that McKinsey ignored red flags from senior South African staff members that deals between Trillian, Eskom and other Gupta-linked companies were not above board.

So, John committed the murder. This is where we develop our inductive argument, deploying groups of MECE ideas on the way to proving our point.

The third point is to acknowledge, however hard that may be, when you have done all and any of the above. It is comprised of facts that the audience would be aware of and agree with in advance of reading the presentation. Inevitably much of your analysis will not be required to make your central argument.

You need next steps. This is where the complication comes in. Sometimes, it is obvious that this is our goal.

How to create a data culture

You want to identify these next steps early in the process of developing your presentation so that you can be sure to design a presentation that drives your audience to the action you desire.

Something has changed… A strategy for returning to growth has been proposed… What happened next? By immersing your audience in a story, you bypass that resistance. Later in the s, the work of a McKinsey consultant on compensation was influential in "skyrocketing executive pay".

Restaurants East of our current location Italian restaurants Restaurants with music Restaurants South of our current location There is overlap within this list. Call To Action or Next Steps: A McKinsey consultant said GM did not follow their advice.

We are wired for communicating through and learning from stories. McKinsey died after catching pneumonia. Nancy Duarte does a fantastic job of exploring how story is critical to the creation of a great presentation.

This helps to ground the presentation and establish a common starting point. John confessed to the crime. As a primer, have a listen to Academy award nominated documentary film maker Ken Burns The Civil War, Jazz talk about story especially the fist half.

You will be surprised at how many groups of ideas you will create which will fail this test — and result in you thinking about additional, great points and ideas that make you argument even more powerful.

The purpose of the presentation is to address a question in the mind of the audience.


Here is an example of an inductive argument. The question in the mind of the audience Is this the right strategy? It is your recommendation. Be equally ruthless in sorting and prioritizing what analysis is required to make your point.Download a pdf copy of this 10, word Advanced Guide to McKinsey-style Business Presentations.

Download Now! Introduction to Business Presentations project-plan updates, etc.) Consist of small groups, in a more intimate setting; Are more likely to result in The rest of this Advanced Guide to McKinsey-Style Presentations will dive deep.

What are some great examples of a consulting slide deck? Are there any samples or templates out there, specifically decks that have been used by strategy consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, ATK, etc.?

The Advanced Guide to McKinsey-style Presentations; This Business Plan Presentation Template from Improve. Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business and management. Interview - McKinsey Quarterly Why data culture matters. Strategy Consulting Firm Presentations CALL: () EMAIL: [email protected] WEB: The type of graphs and charts presented.

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McKinsey & Company provides management consulting services, such as providing advice on an acquisition, developing a plan to restructure a sales force, creating a new business strategy or providing advice on downsizing. This workbook guide will not take 10, hours to complete, so you should The Business Plan and Executive Summary Building Block 3:Identifying, Targeting and Engaging Potential Investors Writing the Business Plan After the group-planning workshop, the person leading the writing of the plan should.

Business plan guide mckinsey group
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