A review of swingers a hollywood comedy movie

Plot[ edit ] Mike Peters is a struggling comedian who left New York City to find success in Los Angeles, and is still upset over his girlfriend of six years, Michelle, breaking up with him six months prior.

Missing Michelle more than ever, he contemplates moving back to New York until Rob comes over and consoles him.

Swingers Review

The script is delivered like manna from the god of guffaws up in comedy heaven, and the tight budget and sit-com actors who carry out said delivery only make it taste sweeter.

To help Mike recover, Trent coaxes him into an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. First to try is Trent Vaughn, who could talk the dinos in The Lost World into submission using half his lines from Swingers on a road-trip to Vegas that exposes both of them as something less than highrollers, and Mike as an all but lost cause in the love life department.

To help Mike with his depression, his womanizing friend Trent and some other aspiring actor friends try and get him back into the social scene. Back in Los Angeles, Mike, Rob and other friends go bar hopping, stopping at party, and later an after-hours spot, where Trent demonstrates his prowess in handling the opposite sex.

The movie opens with Mike telling his friend Rob about how desperately he misses Michelle and that she has not called him. Rob explains that "somehow" girls "know" not to call their ex-boyfriends until they have completely moved on from them.

Said script was written by former stand-up comedian Favreau who also co-produced and stars as Mike, recently relocated to Hollywood from New York and trying forlornly to get work as a comic and get over a relationship that ended six months ago.

Out again for swing night at a Hollywood night club, Mike spots a woman named Lorraine. When Lorraine calls him, Mike ends his call with Michelle to connect further with Lorraine.

Add to that an answerphone sketch to die for, brilliant pastiches of both Reservoir Dogs and GoodFellas plus the worst version of Staying Alive known to man and Swingers emerges as an unmissable Men Behaving Sadly for wannabe lovers everywhere. Inspired by this, Mike meets a girl named Nikki and gets her phone number.

But with a cast that consists of mainly sitcom actors as pizza-eating, beer-drinking Ordinary Joes who play video hockey and drive "piece of shit" cars, first-time feature director Liman has made a film as charming as it is hilarious. The following morning, Mike receives a call from Michelle, and finds that he no longer misses her.

What carries it furthest, however, from a budget sheet not far above a decent wedding video to the realms of box office kerching!

He summons all his courage to approach and connect with her. Heather Graham as Lorraine, a woman Mike meets at a bar. Back at his apartment, however, he leaves a series of increasingly anxious and desperate messages on her answering machine until she picks up the phone and disgustedly orders him not to call her again.Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of Swingers.

Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. Mike has recently re-located to Hollywood and his 4/5.

Swingers movie reviews & Metacritic score: Set in the back streets and sometimes hidden clubs of Hollywood, Swingers is an ensemble comedy about five guys, a. Swingers is a American comedy-drama film about the lives of single, unemployed actors living on the 'eastside' of Hollywood, California during the s swing revival.

Written by Jon Favreau and directed by Doug Liman, the film starred Favreau and Vince Vaughn, and also featured performances by Ron Livingston and Heather Graham. An ensemble comedy about five guys, all in their 20s, all coping with the mysteries of life and women, set in the back streets and sometimes hidden clubs 87%.

Apr 11,  · Not every movie is made to teach you how to live your life. Some of us can watch a movie simply for the pure enjoyment of listening to characters interact.

Swingers does a better job of achieving this than the majority of movies ever made/10(K). Oct 25,  · Doug Liman, who directed “Swingers,” and Favreau, who wrote it, obviously know a lot about young guys in Hollywood sitting around in coffee shops talking about making it in show business.

If you had entered that Best Western coffee shop a year or two ago, you might actually have seen them planning this movie.3/5.

A review of swingers a hollywood comedy movie
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