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Also — I have heard, but not been able to confirm, that the Russian Jewish immigrants to Occupied Palestines are the most ardent tormenters of the Palestinians — it takes quite some doing to get ahead of the likes of Netanyahu. In practical terms this means this: That last one is exceedingly rare and the use of force mostly results in one of the other outcomes.

Putin is the President of Russia and he is first and foremost accountable to the Russian people to whom he has to explain every Russian casualty and even every risk he takes.

Poem of the Masses

What this means is that while these three entities do have some common objectives, they are also independent and they all have some objectives not shared by others. But when you are smaller, weaker or even just still in the process of recovering your potential strength you have to act with much more caution and sophistication.

In fact, their record is pretty good. Now if you look at where the Russian air defenses are, you will see that they are all concentrated around Khmeimim and Tartus.

The Saker: Why is Putin “allowing” Israel to bomb Syria?

Russia has some moral duty to stop the Israeli attacks on Syria This is the one which most baffles me. This might be obvious to many, but I get so many questions about why Russia is not doing more to counter the USA in Africa, Latin America or Asia that I feel that it is, alas, still important to remind everybody of a basic principle of international law and common sense: Yes, an S has a very long range, but that range is dependent on many things including the size of the target, its radar-cross section, its electronic warfare capabilities, the presence of specialized EW aircraft, altitude, etc.

Where do the Arab and Muslims of the Middle-East get this sense of entitlement which tells them that a faraway country which struggles with plenty of political, economic and military problems of its own has to do more than the immediate neighbors of Syria do?!

This does not mean that the Syrians could close their skies to Israeli aircraft, but that gradually the risks of striking Syria would go up and up with each passing month. This is why Iran is treated as a key-player by the Russian sponsored peace process while the USA and Israel are not even invited.

The one exception to this rule is Kim Jong-un who has chosen a policy of hyperinflated threats which, while possibly effective he seems to have outwitted Trump, at least so far is also very dangerous and one which none of the Resistance countries want to have any part in.

Actually, I think that this could work, but at what risk and price? Sometimes the use of force is truly the only solution, but I submit that the wise political leader will only resort to it when all other options have failed and when vital interests are at stake.


Where is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation?! More, accurately, their use of force, or the threat of force, is the result of their diplomatic incompetence.

Now let me address a few typical questions: Finally, the Israelis are very much aware of where the Russians are themselves and where there missiles are. How many countries in the Middle-East have recognized South Ossetia or Abkhazia and compare that with the Kosovo case!

Furthermore, they have no mutual defense treaty and this is why neither Syria, nor Iran nor Hezbollah retaliated against Turkey when the Turks shot down the Russian SU By the way — Putin was very clear about why he was ordering a very limited Russian military intervention in Syria: First, we need to look at some critical assumption implied by this question.

True, Russia did stand by President Assad, but that was not because of any obligation towards him or his country, but because the Russians always insisted that he was the legitimate President of Syria and that only the Syrian people had the right to replace or keep him. Hassan Nasrallah is absolutely spot on when the calls all these countries traitors and collaborators of the AngloZionist Empire.Poem of the Masses.

my smile melts with confusion artisticly enhanced she titty-danced her clients glanced at her mammarily-expansed bust, de-pantsed. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Informationclearinghouse recently posted an article by Darius Shahtahmasebi entitled “Israel Keeps Bombing Syria and Nobody Is Doing Anything About It”.

Following this publication I received an email from a reader asking me the following question: “Putin permitting Israel to bomb Syria.

A person doesnt gain knowledge by possessing an insatiable thirst for it but by searching for the me
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