A comparison of theseus in hippolytus and oedipus

To punish Aegeus and Athens, Minos demanded a tribute every nine years, in which Athens would have seven youths and seven maidens to be delivered to his palace in Cnossus. Aegeus seeing the black sail, the king thought his son had died. Another was that Ariadne need to recover from seasickness; she was left on the island, while Theseus had to do some necessary work on the ship.

One was that Theseus deliberately abandoned her on the island of Naxos.

Some would say that Aegeus deliberately sent Androgeus to his death. She gave him a ball of thread. Theseus returning how from his adventure of slaying the Minotaur needed to find a wife and a queen for Athens.

When the bull appeared, Minos could not bring himself to sacrificing the bull, instead he kept the bull. There was a great feast in honor of their esteemed guest Theseus. At once the warrior woman set sail for Athens to rescue their queen from a forced marriage. The next morning Theseus woke up and went to greet his soon to be bride only to find out that his bride had got away in the night.

Being just a few hours behind Theseus, the amazons arrive in Athens under the darkness of night Perfect for an ambush attack. The sea was named Aegean Sea, after the king. The Amazonians make their way to the palace and spring Hippolyta out of the castle and not a moment too soon, because at dawn they were to wed.

After a few days of partying with the Amazons it was time to put the plan in action. Instead the bull killed Androgeus. Theseus had embarked on his greatest adventure of his heroic career.

The Athenian youths and maidens were to be food to a monster that lived in the Labyrinth. Theseus decided to end the tributes, by killing the monster, going as one of the sacrificial victims.

She had a magic girdle which is like a belt that her father Ares gave her as a symbol of her authority as queen, its like her crown but mch more practical. Ariadne then met Theseus, asking him to take her to Athens and marry her, if she helps him to find the exit.

In the morning when the warrior woman woke up and found that their queen was missing and so was their guest, they quickly out the 2 together and realized that Theseus had kidnapped their queen. Because of his victory over slaying the Minotaur, it was said that Theseus established the festival in honour of Apollo, called Pyanopsia, by suspending a hodgepodge of pulse and a branch of olive or laurel on the gate of the temple of Apollo.

If he wanted to leave the Labyrinth, then he can easily retrace his steps, by following the thread. When they arrived on the island they were warmly welcomed.


In his grief, Aegeus threw himself into the sea and drowned. Later that night when everyone went to bed, Theseus and his friend Pirithous were sitting up chatting on their ship. Hippolyta then thought about her responsibilities to her people the Amazon warrior woman.

So it was settled they would kidnap the queen and return home with her as Theseus wife. The wine god comforted her and later married her. Arriving in Cnossus, the victims were paraded along the street. Instead of killing the monster that his wife had given birth to, Minos had his renowned inventor, Daedalusbuilt the Labyrinth and confined the Minotaur within the maze.

Minos had lost a son named Androgeus, when Aegeus sent the youth to kill a bull. So Hippolyta told Theseus that she was flattered but not interested in being his wife or queen.

With thread, Theseus and the other sacrificial victims left the Labyrinth, and escaped with Ariadne to the ship, setting their course for Athens. The Minotaur was a creature with the head of bull and body of a man.

When Minos first ruled Crete, he had prayed to Poseidon to send him a bull, so he could sacrifice that bull to the Lord of the Sea. All the Amazons were in attendance, and there was lots of food, music and dancing. Remembering her obligation to them reminded her that she liked being single, and not having to cook or clean up after a husband.

Still another version in the Odyssey says that Ariadne was killed by Artemis on the island of Dia, because of what Dionysus said against Ariadne.

He promised his father that if was to succeed in this quest, he would change black sail to a white on his ship. Theseus safely reaches Athens and starts the preparations for the wedding and the festival to follow.

She sought out Daedalus and asked for a mean in escaping the Labyrinth.Theseus and his best friend Pirithous set off for the island of the Amazons, to woo and wed their queen Hippolyta. Hippolyta was a beautiful and strong woman, the daughter of.

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Hippolytus is set in Troezen, a city in the northeastern Peloponnese.

Theseus is in Troezen serving a year of voluntary exile for murdering the Pallantids (nobles of Attica, the region around Athens). With him is his wife Phaedra.

When Theseus married Phaedra, he sent Hippolytus, his son by his. Theseus protected the exiled and aged Oedipus and his daughters at Colonus from men sent by Creon, regent of Thebes and Oedipus' uncle. Theseus comforted the aged king until he died. At his death, Theseus escorted Oedipus' daughter safely back to Thebes.

telling her that she was married and she belonged to Theseus. Stung by Hippolytus.

A comparison of theseus in hippolytus and oedipus
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