A brand new day

Added some pixel graphics for Yuri. Revised message to Monika and added new message in day 9!


Corrected some graphics for Natsuki pose. Is is clouds and sunny days or chaos? Revised and added dialog for Day 9! Trying to be limiting and tasteful on sounds.

A Brand New Day (The Wiz song)

Added some new character poses but only partially implemented in day 9! This will take a While! Only the contents from the folder! Day 9 is very close to being finished! Run DDLC and have fun! Did grammar fixes and spelling fixes ongoing Added additional casual Monika graphic to day Cleaned up some minor issues.

Fixed grammar and spelling issues in various days! Added new Natsuki face! I wanted to clean up some things before I continued on new days. Steam game example folder location: Fixed some grammar and spelling errors in earlier chapters.

You will only have to do this only this one time! If you just overwrite, you will have problems!

I made a song: Day 9 is complete! Added more more dialog in Monika date! Got rid of the hot leaf juice joke as many did not get it! Fixed CG Thanks wiseguyinc! Made him fit better! Also some corrections and rewrites in some earlier days as well!

Added book sound effect for Yuri event! Check her date for some added fun! Natsuki can have a bad ending! Cleaned up some scenes. Added more to day 10! Added tea scene for Day 11 for Yuri. Did some more grammar and spelling corrections. P Older notes below:Listen to any song, anywhere.

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Contact A Brand New Day for alzheimer's care services in Redding. A Brand New Day is the premier memory care community for the elderly in Shasta County with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson's Disease and/or physical limitations. "A Brand New Day", also known as "Everybody Rejoice", is a song from the Broadway musical The Wiz written by American R&B singer and songwriter Luther Vandross.

Full Spectrum Memory Care

(In Vandross recorded a version of the song for his album Luther, on Cotillion Records.).

A brand new day
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